26th infantry division in Czechoslovakia, May 1945

Good evening,

I am a researcher from Czech Republic (Europe).

I am looking for unit reports, information, documentation, photos, aerial photos and anything else, about hour and a half long battle between the US 104. infantry regiment of 26. Infantry division and the German Wehrmacht, SS and SA units in Czechoslovakia at the small village named Větrná (before, Nesselbach) near Vyšší Brod (before, Hohenfurth) and the subsequent disarmament of the another German units retreating from Český Krumlov (before, Krumau) to Větrná (Nesselbach)

This all happened in the south of Czechoslovakia between 7th and 9th May 1945.

I´ll paste some link with photos for better understanding where the location is

Thank you for your time :-)


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