Looking for Immigration Record between 1907-1916

I know my grandfather immigrated from Greece between 1907-1916, but I can't find his name (or similar spelling) on any ship manifest from Ellis Island or Boston Port.  Where do I look now?

  • Hi Nancy,  I'm writing because my grandmother was a Petratos; her father (George, 1888-1944) was born in Cardiff to Theodore Petratos (1858-1916). Theodore emigrated from Ithaca to Cardiff. Theodore's father was Spero Petratos. This is pure conjecture, but I wonder if Konstantios Andros Petratos was a cousin or nephew of Theodore. 

    At the moment I'm writing on holiday from the island of Syros, and while talking about the Petratos family with the Greek family I stay with, Petratos is a reasonably common name meaning someone who does work with stone. However, as we're both related to Petratos's with links to Ithaca, I don't think it's too bold to suggest we're very distantly related. There are still relatives of mine with the Petratos surname in Cardiff. 

  • hello I'm working with your family member from cardiff, I've been doing is family tree and found this write up, his great grandmother was violet patratos daughter of Theodore and ellen, her brother s Alex, George, sister Ellen, fontina, brother William , he's looking for family members he is called micheal swaine his grandfather married violet patratos, thanks 

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