German transcription help needed

I’m starting a thread for a current German transcription request, as the former thread is too unwieldy.

The documents below are from a German/Italian trade treaty, for which there is a large amount of text in both languages. The transcription in German is partially missing, as well as incorrectly transcribed from OCR in a number of places. I have gone through and transcribed/corrected all the Italian for the core treaty document, but the German is in old-style printing (see attached screenshot) and beyond my ability to read well. 

The document in total is huge (and includes many tables), but key pages with the “meat” of the treaty in both languages needing attention are as follows:

Pages 607 through 628 - starts here:

Page 723:

There may also be other corrections needed to the German-only document, but I have not addressed that section.  It starts here and goes up until page 606:

Thanks to anyone who can help!